Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog Post #5

The Eagles Nest Radio Podcast
I really enjoyed the children's podcast. I find if funny that they did the podcast in the form of a radio network. I really enjoyed the music transitions and the fun facts about Rome. The kids facts were very knowledgable and I learned a great deal just from listening to them. This is a great form of research and interaction between the students.

picture of iPod

100 Ways to Use your iPod to Learn and Study Better
This movie just added onto the iSchool initiative. It showed the many applicable resources in Apple's app store that can help tremendously with school. I really enjoyed the iPod in the classroom app. It seemed like a great idea for putting technology into the classroom. Technology opens so many resources to our children, it is our job to utilize them and provide a better education than we had.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
Podcasting in the classroom could open doors to online education that people probably never thought was possible. Such as video examples of problems or assignments. Another great thing would be the video of the class period, in the case that a student was absent and asked the ever so popular question"What did I miss?". This is also great to help in collaborating with other teachers across the country about subject matter, tips, and strategies to use with students in the classroom.


  1. Technology is changing the excuses. No longer What did I miss?, I couldn't hear, the dog ate it. Now we have my internet was down (which was true all day thursday at the lab)!

    Well written, thoughtful. I am looking forward to your podcast. I hope you will make use of what you have learned from these exercises in your podcast.

  2. Heath, podcasting is going to be what we will be doing so much of in our classrooms. It's cool that if 3rd graders can do it, then adults should be able to do it as well. Too, the classroom being right there at the student's fingertips will only make us strive harder to be better teachers. We will be able to help parents help their children with homework because the parents will be able to follow along with the lesson as well. We will have a lot of technology to use, so we might as well learn to use it. Good thoughts!

  3. Heath,

    I love your statement, "Technology opens so many resources to our children, it is our job to utilize them and provide a better education than we had." Last semester there was a lady who was against technology in the class because she believed that the vast amount of information would be too "overwhelming" for the students! On too many occasions, I think we expect much less than what children are actually capable of. Podcasting and teaching via technology is an excellent way for kids to work at their own pace and to utilize what is available!

    Keep up the good work!