Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 & 2
This video is true in so many ways. I like the fact that many people do not go looking for information in encyclopedias anymore but instead they use search engines. This fact will only increase over time as technology becomes more institutionalized in the american home. The time saving factor is also something to think about when attempting to look up information in a book. Which library has the book? Which book has the information? These questions can be answered by using what, a search engine in a library computer. Its funny how people do not see this as an issue when all they have to do is find the book on the internet to gain the information rather than driving to the local library.
Another factor to consider as a publisher is how long that a book will last and how often it is shared when it is a printed copy. People have already swapped over to using a kindle or some other type of e-reader by now and can share ebooks on there. This way the book never dies and is always accessible to people when they need it, besides that its cheaper than printing it!

Blog Post #12
Learn to change, Change to Learn is an absolutely great video that I recommend EVERYONE watch!

Carly's post really got me thinking about idea and things I would like to use in the class room. I have put three videos in this post that show ways to use technology in the classroom and keep kids involved. I really think that as teachers we should invest in our children's future, more so in our countries future since we are teaching the ones that will follow our generation in developing the world. I feel like we should try to instill the desire to learn in the class room and give students the best experience possible.

EDM310 for Dummies
I really enjoyed both videos. The procrastination video was really a good way of showing that EDM 310 makes you do things to prepare you for not only your carrer but or life as well. In this video I liked that all of the other jobs did not work out and eventually led back to teaching.
I also liked the video for EDM310 for dummies. This was a humerus video that makes people think about what all really goes into this class. I like the ending of the video where once everything is figured out and people see what needs to be done in the class they enjoy it. From reading classmates blog posts to doing assignments, they all force you to learn more about technology and how to use it.

Learn to change, Change to learn

I am not changing what i wrote at the top of this post because I looked up this video about 30 minutes before I found out i had to watch it. I obviously enjoyed the video, otherwise I wouldn't have stressed to the class to watch it. I really liked the way that the teachers went after education today and how that we need to engage our students more. All of their points of view on the topic of students checking their Facebook and twitter is right on target. I also like the question raised of about why sites like these are banned from school.


  1. I have added the video SmartBoard in Grade 3 at St. Mary School in the projects Manual. Thanks! I also liked the British video on the attributes of a good teacher. I don't know where to put it, but I think it could be useful somewhere!

    Thanks. Keep up the good work. A few typos so proofreading would help. An example: humerous should be humorous. (2nd paragraph EDM310 for Dummies.)

  2. Hey Heath!
    I really think the videos were great and also the EDM310 for Dummies was funny. I was in the same boat as those in the video. At the start of this class I was freaking out about how much work that needed to be done, but as the semester has gone along and I am becoming more familiar with the work it is becoming easier and a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing those videos with us.

  3. Hey Heath,

    You make some good points about the use of the internet and search engines. I think that there are a many ways that search engines can out do libraries just in the way that they can locate information much easier and faster.

    Nice videos. I think that they are all worth watching if one is to become a teacher. I like the video that shows the students talking about what makes a good teacher.

    Good post Heath,

    Stephen Akins