Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch Last Lecture
All I can say is wow! This lecture was definitely something that is encourages people to continue after their dreams. I really like how Randy talks about the importance perseverance, and how necessary it is when trying to achieve those dreams.  He talks about never losing the childhood wonder. He is a brilliant man and I learned a ton just from his video alone.
mickey mouse in a wizard costume representing imagineering

This video shows how early that people began to dream of making a difference with technology. Even is some of the pictures you can see the attempts at virtual reality and the things they were using to create it. It really shows how much technology has evolved since then. Something like the Aladdin ride with a helmet seems like a lot in todays world where we just use glasses for 3D and virtual effects. Just one dream that Randy Pausch achieved.

I really enjoyed his talk about his dream of being in the NFL. I completely agree that there are lessons learned in sports that cannot be learned anywhere else. On the field players learn teamwork, how important the little things are, and persistence, which is stressed over and over again by Mr. Pausch. I like that he talks about the coach constantly correcting him at practice and compares this to other people criticizing your work. If someone is just letting you mess up without telling you then they have just given up on you.

I realize how many times I have said the work persistent in this post but Mr. Pausch's persistence absolutely amazes me. From the fact that he changed to a journalist just to ride the plane with his team, to him telling the Dean that he would leave his job without pay to go become an imagineer. I also liked the idea of either being a Tigger or an Eeyore, and that he was always happy and enjoying himself. It seems like no matter how big or difficult the wall, he always seemed to find a way over it. As he talks about all of his challenges in life he shows that with hard work any dream within reason can be achieved. 

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  1. Hi Heath!
    I also liked that Pausch seemed relentless in his journey to accomplish his dreams. His motivation and optimism is what made the speech particularly inspirational. I noted a few on of the same points he made in my post too. What he said in relation to his coach's nagging stayed with me as well. Pausch touched on many valuable life lessons during his last speech.
    Enjoyed reading your post!