Wednesday, June 22, 2011

C4T #2

Read Across America Day
The teachers blog I have been following is that of Ms. Kelly Hines. Ms. Hines has made some very impressive strides in technology with her class. She is giving her students the opportunity to engage in conversations with students across the country by reading stories via webcam. I feel like she is a good role model of the teacher I aspire to one day become. She is really involving her students and giving them skills in areas that will one day benefit them in ways they couldn't imagine.
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The Sum of the Parts
I feel like this particular post by Ms. Hines goes hand in hand with some of the things that Randy Pausch said in his video. It is not always the big picture such as teaching the subject matter and giving students a grade and passing them on. EVERY teacher should want to be that one that makes a lasting impression on their students. To this day every student has a teacher that gave them some type of information or encouragement that has stuck with them. Doing the little things is how we achieve this. I'm not saying talk about life lessons all period and throw away subject matter, but what I am saying is when you are spending time with your students try to give them that push and drive to go on a do something more. This blog post discussed also talks about being away from your PLN for some time can actually be a good thing because it gives you time to gain your own perspective on things instead of constantly taking the view of others.

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