Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Do You Teach or Do You Educate?
When I graduated high school, the last place I ever thought I would be is in the teaching field. I used to wonder why would anyone ever want to go back to school. Now I know how good it feels to teach someone something and make an impact on their life. I intend to be an educator that inspires his students to do more and go the extra mile. I intend on being the educator that students come to for advice pertaining to anything inside or outside of school. I want to give kids the tools and skills necessary to achieve their goals.
Inside the classroom I plan to educate children on the subject matter and show them how to incorporate it into every day life. I will make kids eager to get to my class and start on projects and other activities planned. I want to encourage kids when they are struggling and show them that hard work and perseverance  will pay off.

a pencil

Tom Johnson's Don't Let Then Take the Pencils Home!
It seems to me almost like the post is trying to say that people should become more accustom to technology in the classroom for these tests. I liked when the teacher referred to students using pencils for pen pals and stuff, to me this relates to twitter and Facebook by contacting one another. It is kind of crazy to take away pencils seeing that it is one of the most used things by children in a classroom. However, I do think that the examples about the use of a pencil on this post are in every way related to the use of technology. Standardized test scores that have to be filled in with a pencil mark can be taken on a computer and you have your scores instantly plus the teacher doesn't have to waste paper. I do understand the overall concept that just because you can use a pencil to do other things than work doesn't mean that you will. In relation to kids using computers for school work and not as a distraction like most teachers think.


  1. Hi Heath,
    I am happy to see that you plan to be "an educator that inspires his students to do more and go the extra mile". Since I am a parent I hope and pray that my children will have teachers that will do just that for them. Unfortunately a lot of the teachers that they get are more interested in the paycheck than the actual students.
    On Tom Johnson's report on the pencils you took a different view than I did. I didn't even think about the technological part. There are many advantages to the use of computers in the classroom. We need to teach students and parents alike that computers can be used for more than just playing games.

  2. Yes, pencils is a metaphor for technology.

    Nicely done.

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