Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Post #14

For post fourteen, I decided to go an entire day without technology. On Saturday July 9th, I spent my entire day without a phone or any type of electronic device. I notified certain people the night before of my activity and why they would not be able to reach me on my cell phone the following day.  I thought it would be easy to make it through a day but simple things that I used to take for granted became very noticeable early in the day. I tried to go fishing in the morning to spend some time doing something that did not have any temptations for my phone. Then I went golfing and finished my day playing tennis. The thing that hurt me the most I think was not being able to check my eBay (since I check it several times a day, everyday). 
no social media sign

I was able to complete this task by keeping myself occupied throughout the day. I feel like if I were to have stayed at my house all day that I wouldn't have achieved this goal. I think my computer, cell phone, and xbox would have been my biggest weaknesses had I not kept myself busy. I realize that if i used technology this much today that the children I teach will use it twice as much. It will be an everyday part of their lives and would be foolish not to incorporate the things they are already familiar with into the classroom. All and all this was a much harder activity than I anticipated.

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