Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy's Skype Interview
This interview was very beneficial to my ideas of using technology in the classroom. I liked the way she described how she protects her students from the bad things on the internet. This is a big fear of adults when finding out their child will be doing a large amount of work on the internet. I thought the idea of having children make wikis was a great idea to show students how people of different background treat different situations. I think this would be great in decreasing racial acceptance problems in children. They could learn that all humans are the same and no one person is different based on their appearance. I look forward to using some of the methods that Ms. Cassidy used in her video in my own classroom one day.
Ms. Cassidy edm skype interview


  1. Which methods in particular? How will you get the equipment? When will you find the time? Will your parents be on board?

  2. What about the other part of the assignment?

  3. I also found the interview very beneficial. I'd be interested to find out which methods you might use.

  4. Dr. Strange
    What other part? the only other part tho Blog Post 11 was to watch Ms.Cassidy's video. It did not say to write about it. Is there something different that I am missing?