Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog Post #13

I really liked the tips given in the video. I plan to use most of them in my classroom, especially Smart board and blogs. I do not think I will use social networks in school because most schools forbid you to be friends with your students on Facebook. I like the tip of using teleconferencing and plan to do so in my class to gain new perspectives on subject matter around the world. Another tip I plan to use is interactive exercises in the classroom. There were many times that I had to do an activity on the internet in high school growing up and they always helped me recall things faster and more accurately.
I was familiar with all of the types of technology being integrated into the class room. The only reason for that is being a student in this class. Before this class I knew what a blog was but not how to make one or manage it. I had never herd of Google docs before. I had also never herd of Dropbox or Kahn Academy. Lastly I had never herd of a wiki and did not know how to use skype. Thanks to this class I have learned more about technology and will be a better teacher for it.
rabbit coming out of a hat, with box of tricks written beside it


  1. Heath,
    I did not know about a lot of those things either until this class. Learning how to use these different forms of teaching will be very useful to us! I agree with you about the social networks. Personally, I do not think I will use facebook with my students either. We might change our minds once we become teachers, and the schools that forbid it might change theirs too...
    Caileigh McCulloch

  2. You have apparently learned a lot. Great. Put them to good use when you start teaching.